23 Ekim 2019 | Çarşamba


SCI Kapsamlı Yayın Bilgileri:
  • "A 2D mathematical model for tumor angiogenesis: The roles of certain cells in the extra cellular matrix", Serdal Pamuk, İrem Çay, Ali Sazcı, Mathematical Biosciences, 306, 32-48, (2018)
  • "On the Stability of the Steady-State Solutions of Cell Equations in a Tumor Growth Model", Ataç, İrem ve Pamuk, Serdal, AIP CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS, 1470, 172-175, (2012)
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SCI Kapsamı Dışındaki Yayın Bilgileri:
  • "A mathematical analysis of a 2D model for tumor angiogenesis: An initial data perturbation approximation", Serdal Pamuk, İrem Çay, Communication in Mathematical Modeling and Applications, 3(1), 13-27, (2018)
  • "Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of a Mathematical Model in Tumor Angiogenesis ", Serdal Pamuk, İrem Çay, Anadolu University Journal of Science and Technology A- Applied Sciences and Engineering, 19(1), 50-57, (2018)
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Bildiri Bilgileri:
  • "A Mathematical Analysis of a Model in Capillary Formation: The Roles of Endothelial, Pericyte and Macrophages in the Initiation of Angiogenesis", Serdal Pamuk, İrem Çay, 20th World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Conference, Feb,19-20, Paris, France, , , , (2018)
  • "A Mathematical Analysis of a 2D Model for Tumor Angiogenesis: An Initial Data Perturbation Approximation", Serdal Pamuk, İrem Çay, International Conference on Applied Analysis and Mathematical Modelling (ICAAMM 2017), , , , (2017)
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