23 Ekim 2019 | Çarşamba


SCI Kapsamlı Yayın Bilgileri:
  • "“On the Inverse Problem of the Fractional Heat-Like Partial Differential Equations: Determination of the Source Function", Gülcan Özkum, Ali Demir, Sertaç Erman, Esra Korkmaz, and Berrak Özgür, Advances in Mathematical Physics-Advanced Topics in Fractional Dynamics, 2013, 476154, (2013)
  • "An Iterative Solver in the Presence and Absence of Multiplicity for Nonlinear Equations", F. Soleymani, S. Shateyi, and G. Özkum, The Scientific World Journal, 2013, 837243, (2013)
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Bildiri Bilgileri:
  • "Integrable Equations of the Sawada-Kotera and Kaup Type: A New Hierarchy Starting with an Essentially Nonlinear 5th Order Equation", A.H. Bilge, E. Mizrahi, and G. Ozkum, Book of Abstracts NEEDS 2015 Workshop, NEEDS 2015, , 16, (2015)
  • "Some Generalizations on Prime Gamma Rings with Derivation and Gamma Rings with Module Valued (σ,τ)-Derivation", G. Özkum and M. Soytürk, , The International Conference on Algebra in Honour of Patrick SMITH and John CLARK’s 70th Birthdays, Burhaniye - Balikesir - Turkey, , 91, (2013)
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